Author/Inspirational Speaker/Street Outreach Crisis Counselor

"If you want to learn more about yourself, attend Anthony's workshop."

~ Jaime Nieto Jimenez,  Cultural Affairs, Indianapolis University of Purdue, Indianapolis, IN

"Anthony provides education and  insight with passion, commitment and experience.  I recommend his training for anyone who is committed to helping youth and families."

~  Melissa A. Ortiz, Trainer Director, New Jersey Programs, Youth Advocate Programs, Inc

"Anthony Goulet has captured the real stuff, the reality that so many young people deal with on a daily basis. He takes you behind the scenes and inside the minds of high-risk youth, as well as exposing you to the skill of youth workers on the front lines addressing these issues every day."

~ Richard Ramos, President & CEO of the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership 

"I have never seen the kids react so strongly to anyone before! Anthony and Dawn, you are a magnets of hope for those you come in contact with.

~ Angela Rios, Social Worker, Upper Sioux Community, Granite Falls, MN

"I found the presentation to be very informative and an eye-opener for communities. After listening to the presentation, I felt that we need to be proactive/preventive instead of reacting to the gangs already here."

~ Juana O Watson, Senior Advisor for Latino Affairs in the Office of the Governor of Indiana

"Anthony was able to find the key that unlocked the door to our potential as an organization."

~ Board Member, Trips for Kids, Inc., Detroit, MI



The wounds within gang life are small compared to the wounds that cause our young people to choose a life within gangs.


Working together to heal our communities. 

"Anthony, you are an inspiration and it was a pleasure listening and interacting with you. The youth, parents, and the entire Prairie Island community is blessed by your stay here in Minnesota."

~ Wellness Staff, Prairie Island Indian Community, Welch, MN

"After seventeen years of working in juvenile justice, I have been to more gang prevention and intervention training than I can remember. Anthony's training is by far the best I have ever attended."


~ Juvenile Probation District Supervisor, Dallas, Texas

"My daughter participated in the Shattered Lives program and heard Anthony speak. When she returned from the program, our entire family was healed. My daughter's heart and our family were healed by one simple reminder that Anthony gifted our daughter with: that she is a sacred blessing, miracle, and gift."

~ Shattered Lives Participant, Conroe, Texas

"After twenty years of working in youth prevention and intervention, I was contemplating leaving my calling because I felt burned out. Then I heard Anthony speak with experience and passion that reinvigorated my vision and sharpened my skills."


~ Texas Counseling Association Conference, Workshop Participant, Corpus Christi, Texas

"The depth of Anthony's celestial tool box was far more expansive and inclusive than any training I have ever had. He is an amazing inspirational speaker. I enjoyed being escorted on the longest walk back to my heart, and to think how long it takes to get back to the heart is only 17 inches." 

~ Alejandro P, Educator & Poet, Big Thought, Dallas, Texas

"I believe that healing and truth can be found if there are people who are truly seeking it. For those people that feel left out of the loop there is hope because of programs like Anthony's."

~ Kelly Kiyoshk, Canadian Aboriginal Awards Nominee for Best Album of the Year, Ontario, Canada