About Anthony

The Test

Anthony survived childhood sexual abuse, suicide attempts, homelessness, and addiction.The trauma he endured led to the pain of his heart breaking, and that pain led to what he thought was an inconsolable numbness and anger, which led to many negative choices as a youth, and offered him many encounters with law enforcement. Eventually he was placed in an at-risk youth program, and although he didn't want to go, it was in that at-risk youth program where he was offered and received God's miracle.

As a participant in the at-risk youth program, Anthony was guided to deal with the pain that caused his anger, and had an incredible, miraculous encounter with God. After experiencing the miracle he desperately needed, and one that many of his friends never had the opportunity to receive, Anthony knew his calling was to work in youth programs to offer youth and young adults the possibilities of healing and miracles that were given to him.  

The Testimony

The challenging, miraculous, and sacred journey that Anthony took which walked him back to God was a sacred, seventeen inch journey from his head back to his heart. On this seventeen inch walk, Anthony held hands with love, prayer, laughter and tears, and returned to his true self which God created, and no longer resided in what the pain created. With the help of some amazing mentors, Anthony discovered a healing and restoration that only God can provide - a healing and restoration we simply need to receive. 

With a lot of intensive and challenging work, which all included love, prayer, laughter, tears, step by step, Anthony eventually walked those sacred, seventeen inches from his head back to his heart. This sacred, seventeen inch walk is a journey Anthony takes with God every day, so that he can guide the youth and young adults he serves in walking the healing road back to their hearts to remember and reclaim their God-given vision, mission, dreams, and purpose. 

The Calling

God has and continues to use Anthony's personal testimony and twenty-six years of professional experience in youth development, gang intervention, sex trafficking intervention, substance abuse counseling, street outreach crisis counseling, and prisoner reentry to reach, teach, and restore our most marginalized and traumatized youth and young adults.

Anthony is an author as well as a motivational speaker, trainer, and presenter who is sought by organizations, churches, and juvenile detention facilities because of his ability to articulate the process of healing with authenticity, passion, and dynamic storytelling. 

Anthony resides in Montgomery County, Texas with his wonderful his wife and children where he works full time as a street outreach crisis counselor and assistant director of an emergency youth shelter.