Survivor, Author, Speaker, Street Outreach Worker

If I wasn't willing to go into the most challenging places to bring the light of love and service to our most marginalized youth and young adults, I would never touch a microphone and speak about such things.

"If you want to learn more about yourself, attend Anthony's workshop."

~ Jaime Nieto Jimenez,  Cultural Affairs, Indianapolis University of Purdue, Indianapolis, IN

"Anthony provides education and  insight with passion, commitment and experience.  I recommend his training for anyone who is committed to helping youth and families."

~  Melissa A. Ortiz, Trainer Director, New Jersey Programs, Youth Advocate Programs, Inc

"Anthony Goulet has captured the real stuff, the reality that so many young people deal with on a daily basis. He takes you behind the scenes and inside the minds of high-risk youth, as well as exposing you to the skill of youth workers on the front lines addressing these issues every day."

~ Richard Ramos, President & CEO of the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership 

"I have never seen the kids react so strongly to anyone before! Anthony and Dawn, you are a magnets of hope for those you come in contact with.

~ Angela Rios, Social Worker, Upper Sioux Community, Granite Falls, MN

"I found the presentation to be very informative and an eye-opener for communities. After listening to the presentation, I felt that we need to be proactive/preventive instead of reacting to the gangs already here."

~ Juana O Watson, Senior Advisor for Latino Affairs in the Office of the Governor of Indiana

"Anthony was able to find the key that unlocked the door to our potential as an organization."

~ Board Member, Trips for Kids, Inc.,

Detroit, MI


The wounds within gang life are small compared to the wounds that cause our young people to choose a life within gangs.

Nothing speaks more clearly and is felt more deeply than experience.

“Thank you, Anthony, for your time. Our community had a very wonderful day. It made my day being able to get out and share. Once again, thank you. I will start working on myself.” 

- Norma Vincent, Ak-Chin Community Member

“Anthony shared many great suggestions and strategies to overcome obstacles in life. The emotion and passion he has for what he does is evident and is heartfelt. Thank you, Anthony, for sharing your truth.” 

- Chandra Narcia, Gila River Youth Council Advisory Board  

“It was a good session that opened my eyes to stuff about myself. We always think that ‘it’s only me.’ I don’t feel so alone about that stuff that happened to me. Thank you for opening my eyes and heart.”

- The Four Workshop Participant

“The workshop, The Four, was very motivational in opening my eyes to my own personal worth – that my personal being is very important to know. Thank you.”

- The Four Workshop Participant

Great time with the youth group of the Alabama Coushatta tribe of Texas.

"Anthony, you are an inspiration and it was a pleasure listening and interacting with you. The youth, parents, and the entire Prairie Island community is blessed by your stay here in Minnesota."

~ Wellness Staff, Prairie Island Indian Community, Welch, MN

"After seventeen years of working in juvenile justice, I have been to more gang prevention and intervention training than I can remember. Anthony's training is by far the best I have ever attended."


~ Juvenile Probation District Supervisor, Dallas, Texas

"My daughter participated in the Shattered Lives program and heard Anthony speak. When she returned from the program, our entire family was healed. My daughter's heart and our family were healed by one simple reminder that Anthony gifted our daughter with: that she is a sacred blessing, miracle, and gift."

~ Shattered Lives Participant, Conroe, Texas

"After twenty years of working in youth prevention and intervention, I was contemplating leaving my calling because I felt burned out. Then I heard Anthony speak with experience and passion that reinvigorated my vision and sharpened my skills."


~ Texas Counseling Association Conference, Workshop Participant, Corpus Christi, Texas

"The depth of Anthony's celestial tool box was far more expansive and inclusive than any training I have ever had. He is an amazing inspirational speaker. I enjoyed being escorted on the longest walk back to my heart, and to think how long it takes to get back to the heart is only 17 inches." 

~ Alejandro P, Educator & Poet, Big Thought, Dallas, Texas

"I believe that healing and truth can be found if there are people who are truly seeking it. For those people that feel left out of the loop there is hope because of programs like Anthony's."

~ Kelly Kiyoshk, Canadian Aboriginal Awards Nominee for Best Album of the Year, Ontario, Canada

Anthony's latest book is now available on Amazon

Street Outreach: Love, Service & Leadership, with the foreword written by His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama.

Our titles are not nearly as important as our testimonies. Street Outreach: Love, Service & Leadership, with the foreword written by the Dalai Lama.

The daily and nightly offices of Street Outreach Workers are inside  drug houses, abandoned buildings, under bridges, and within domestic  violence and emergency shelters. Street Outreach Workers don’t just go to places that most people try to avoid, meeting our most marginalized  and traumatized youth and young adults where they are, giving them food, water, blankets, first aid kits and hygiene products. Street  Outreach Workers build trust with those who have every reason not to trust anyone. Street Outreach Workers facilitate healing and powerful  transformation in uncontrolled and sometimes volatile situations.

There have been many books written about leadership, transformation and  inspiration, but few books take the reader on a journey inside of true life-or-death situations, demonstrating how our deepest needs, if  frozen by trauma, can be thawed with the light of love, service and  leadership. 

This book shines a spotlight on our most marginalized and traumatized youth and young adults, inspiring the reader with true stories of healing and how to facilitate  transformation, even in the most challenging circumstances.

"This book is a riveting account of the reality of human trafficking, homelessness, hunger, domestic violence and other forms of neglect that push youth out of mainstream society and into the margins of despair and cold survival. One cannot read and learn about why this happens, why it continues, and how it is perpetuated by society and not feel the need to join and/or contribute to the solutions offered by Anthony Goulet."

- Richard R. Ramos

Founder, Author, of Parents on a Mission

President - CEO, The Latino Coalition for Community Leadership


"I have had the honor of knowing Anthony for almost 10 years. Every  once in a while in the business of serving others you run across someone  special; someone with a servant heart; someone who is willing to go the extra mile. Anthony is one of those people.
His book is a moving account of what it is like to serve  youth who others have given up on.  The young people who are blessings  and miracles in Anthony's eyes are healed because of the love that  radiates from his heart and soul. If you want to get an inside look at  the challenges and joy of serving children that society has a abandoned,  you must read Anthony's book."

- John Bracken, MA, LPC
Texas State Director, Save the Children


"Some books challenge us to change perspectives and once we read them, we’re never the same and we can never see things the same way again. This book is one of those. Anthony walks his talk and exudes the qualities in his own life that he espouses in his book – compassion, empathy, kindness and a deep desire to understand people and connect with them.  He was the right person to write this moving memoir of hope…and thankfully he did."

- D.J. Vanas

Native Discovery Inc. 

Motivational Storyteller / Author of The Tiny Warrior and Spirit on the Run 


"The gut-wrenching reality of youth who have been harmed, sexually, physically and emotionally abused, exploited and neglected has been, for far too long, missing from the academic dialogue. Soulless, quantitative facts have little impact on the kind of intentional, heart opening effort necessary to carry out the selfless work of street outreach. Furthermore, the “scientific study” of social problems impacting youth is overwhelmingly superficial, focused on macro-level issues, thereby, resulting in a monumental failure to adequately address the very truth of what everyday life is like for hundreds of thousands of young people who suffer so immensely at the hands of others. This book offers unique insight into the daily experiences of the Street Outreach Worker in an accessible way that reads like an honest conversation with an old friend."

- Akello Stone

Sociologist/Professor/Youth Empowerment Advocate

Anthony's Books are Available on Amazon

God, Help Me Tie My Shoes! The Sacred Contract of Fatherhood

Utilized by actor/author Hill Harper's Manifest Your Destiny Foundation as a guide for youth mentors.

 This book has been utilized by actor/author Hill Harper's Manifest Your Destiny Foundation as a teaching tool for youth mentors. And is endorsed by national leaders in youth violence prevention, gang prevention,  parenting, and personal transformation.   

The Four

Love, Prayer, Laughter, and Tears are four best friends who were separated for four years. Join the Four in their four day journey to reunite, save the world, and do one other thing.

Love, Prayer, Laughter, and Tears are four best friends who were  separated for four years. Join the Four in their four day journey to  reunite, save the world, and do one other thing.

Rain of Thoughts

Short stories and poems about the seventeen inch walk from our heads back to our hearts.

 Rain of Thoughts is a book of poems and short stories about the sacred, seventeen inch journey from our head back to our heart.  

Street Outreach: Love, Service & Leadership

With the foreword written by the Dalai Lama, this book shines a spotlight on our most marginalized and traumatized youth and young adults, inspiring the reader with true stories of healing and how to facilitate transformation, even in the most challenging circumstances.

This book shines a spotlight on our most marginalized and traumatized  youth and young adults, inspiring the reader with true stories of  healing and how to facilitate transformation, even in the most  challenging circumstances. 

Anthony Goulet

I am a human being who loves other human beings and all life.

 Since 1991 Anthony has been blessed to serve youth and young adults in prevention and intervention services specific to gangs, substance abuse, suicide, human trafficking, homelessness, and reentry from incarceration.
As a survivor, Anthony's approach is Spirit-led - Love woven together by the Creator's grace with the threads of resilience strengthened by lived experience, continual practice of the martial arts and transcendental meditation, and a thorough understanding and application of trauma-informed care.  

Anthony Goulet is an author and transformational speaker who works full time as a Street Outreach Crisis Counselor serving youth and young adults who are homeless, runaways, missing and trafficked.  His full time office is under bridges, within drug houses, abandoned buildings and inside emergency shelters delivering God's light of love, hope and healing. There have been many mentors and many experiences that guided Anthony to his calling of love and service. 

When we allow them, all of our experiences can prepare us to be of optimal service to others. For years, Anthony had no idea why his childhood was riddled with separation from some of his biological family, moving from state to state, substance abuse, ambulances, emergency rooms, drug rehabs, a few years of stability, then everything falling apart once more. There are invaluable understandings and skills that come from experiencing the extremes of hopelessness and hope, homelessness and stability, trauma and triumph, yet we need others who are willing servants of the Creator to guide us in transforming the poisons of pain, loss and tragedy into healing medicines. Perhaps most importantly, we need to become someone who is a willing servant of the Creator to guide others in transforming poisons into healing medicines.   

As a youth, Anthony experienced the powerful transformation and healing process of being a participant in youth programs. As his mentors and counselors helped him work through the pain, loss, tragedy, and trauma he experienced in his childhood, he uncovered something that he didn't know was there - a gift. With the guidance of highly skilled and passionate mentors and counselors, Anthony walked a sacred, healing journey from his head back to his heart. It is there, in his heart, where he remembered and reclaimed his vision, mission, dreams and purpose. In 1991 he began his path in working with youth and young adults, and continues to facilitate the sacred, healing journey from the head back to the heart with all those he is entrusted to serve.   

In his twenty-seven year career in youth development, Anthony has led gang prevention and intervention programs, prisoner reentry programs, and worked as a Certified Addictions Counselor with gang affiliated youth and adults providing relapse prevention for substance abuse and criminal behavior. Anthony continues to work full time as a Street Outreach Crisis Counselor who serves homeless, runaway, exploited, and sex trafficked youth and young adults by facilitating interventions, rescues, and safe transports on the streets; he also provides the longer term services of counseling and family reunification within an emergency youth shelter. Due to his personal testimony, twenty-seven years of professional experience, and ability to articulate the process of transformation with passion and beautiful storytelling, Anthony continues to be sought by organizations as an inspirational speaker, trainer and consultant. 


I don't write because I think I have the answers. I write because I am willing to learn.

Transformational Speaking

Anthony has delivered hundreds of powerful, transformational talks to companies, nonprofit organizations, churches and schools. He is ready to inspire you with a customized transformational talk that is guaranteed to not only inspire, but will leave the audience with solutions and practical steps in their personal and professional development. 

Healing the Healer Workshop

In this workshop the servant leaders in your organization will experience a safe, invigorating, life-changing and lifesaving purification and healing. Not only so they can be their best for those they serve, but to be their personal best in all facets of their lives. 

This isn't a "self-care" workshop. This an eight hour day of healing, facilitated by someone with twenty-seven years of experience in facilitating healing and transformation in some of the most extreme situations imaginable. 

The Sacred Walk

The Sacred Walk is one of Anthony's most popular healing workshops that facilitates transformation by taking participants on the sacred walk from our head back to our hearts to remember and reclaim our vision, mission, dreams, and purpose. This is a powerful, two to three hour suicide prevention workshop.

Begin with Peace

This very unique gang prevention and intervention training focuses on the causes of gang affiliation and its effects on young people. While most gang training focuses on gang identifiers and law enforcement techniques designed to mitigate criminal gang activity, Begin with Peace focuses on developing an understanding of youth who are affiliated with gangs so that service providers are empowered to see and support the youth as sacred blessings, miracles and gifts, not gang members. Begin With Peace gives participants the necessary tools and insights to successfully facilitate healing that transforms the thinking and lives of our youth to healthy lifestyles. No one is unreachable or unteachable, as long as the heart doing the reaching and teaching is full of love, compassion, respect, honor and peace. 

The Four: A Journey to Remember

This workshop is facilitated in conjunction with Anthony's second book, The Four. In this workshop we will rid ourselves of the lies of doubt and fear through inspirational and motivational conversations and activities, leaving room for Love, Prayer, Laughter, and Tears to fill the vacuum that exists when doubt and fear leave. Participants will be reminded of the purification of Tears, the power of Love and Prayer, and experience a breakthrough back to Laughter – a truly joyful identity.  

Street Outreach

Do you and your organization want to learn how to reach, connect with, and facilitate healing and transformation with youth and young adults in every situation? This training shares invaluable solutions, approaches and insights from Anthony's years of work facilitating healing and transformation with our most traumatized and marginalized youth and young adults on the streets, often in volatile circumstances.  After experiencing this training there will be no situation or circumstance that you will be unable to transform into a healing experience for those you are entrusted to serve.