Author/Inspirational Speaker/Street Outreach Crisis Counselor

Inspirational & Healing Workshops

Inspirational Speaking

Anthony has delivered hundreds of powerful, inspirational talks to companies, nonprofit organizations, churches and schools. He is ready to inspire you with a customized inspirational talk that is guaranteed to not only inspire, but will leave the audience with solutions and practical steps in their personal and professional development.

Healing the Healer Workshop

 We don't tell victims of trauma that all they need is a day off and some self-care, so let's not do that with those who work on the  frontlines in the trauma-filled trenches every day and night. When trauma informed care is being spoken about, as much emphasis needs to be placed upon those who are serving as those who are being  served. 

In this workshop the servant leaders in your organization will experience a safe, invigorating, life-changing and lifesaving purification and healing. Not only so they can be their best for those they serve, but to be their personal best in all facets of their lives. 

This isn't a "self-care" workshop. This an eight hour day of healing, facilitated by someone with twenty-seven years of experience in facilitating healing and transformation in some of the most extreme situations imaginable. 

The Sacred Walk

The Sacred Walk is one of Anthony's most popular healing workshops that facilitates transformation by taking participants on the sacred walk from our head back to our hearts to remember and reclaim our vision, mission, dreams, and purpose.

Begin With Peace: Trauma Informed Care Gang Prevention and Intervention

This very unique gang prevention and intervention training focuses on the causes of gang affiliation and its effects on young people. While most gang training focuses on gang identifiers and law enforcement techniques designed to mitigate criminal gang activity, Begin with Peace focuses on developing an understanding of youth who are affiliated with gangs so that service providers are empowered to see and support the youth as sacred blessings, miracles and gifts, not gang members. Begin With Peace gives participants the necessary tools and insights to successfully facilitate healing that transforms the thinking and lives of our youth to healthy lifestyles. No one is unreachable or un-teachable, as long as the heart doing the reaching and teaching is full of love, compassion, respect, honor and peace.  

The Four: A Journey to Remember Workshop

This workshop is facilitated in conjunction with Anthony's second book, The Four. In this workshop we will rid ourselves of the lies of doubt and fear through inspirational and motivational conversations and activities, leaving room for Love, Prayer, Laughter, and Tears to fill the vacuum that exists when doubt and fear leave. Participants will be reminded of the purification of Tears, the power of Love and Prayer, and experience a breakthrough back to Laughter – a truly joyful identity.  

Street Outreach

Do you and your organization want to learn how to reach, connect with, and facilitate healing and transformation with youth and young adults in every situation? This training shares invaluable solutions, approaches and insights from Anthony's years of work facilitating healing and transformation with our most traumatized and marginalized youth and young adults on the streets, often in volatile circumstances.  After experiencing this training, there will be no situation or circumstance that you will be unable to transform into a healing experience for those you are entrusted to serve.