Life Saving

"I came to this workshop ready to quit on everything, now I want to live again." 

- Youth Participant in The Four Workshop


"After working with high-risk youth for a long time, I was ready to give up until I heard Anthony's inspirational message. I was reinvigorated, and given more tools to continue this important work."

-Mary C, Participant at the Texas Counselors Association Conference


"Anthony Goulet has captured the real stuff, the reality, that so many young people deal with on a daily basis. He takes you behind the scenes and inside the minds of high-risk youth, as well as, exposing you to the skill of youth workers on the front lines addressing these issues everyday." 

- Richard Ramos, President & CEO of the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership

The Best

"I have attended training and workshops for seventeen years. Anthony's training is simply the best I have ever experienced."

- District Supervisor, Dallas County Juvenile Probation 


"Anthony found the key that unlocked the potential to our organization."

- Trips for Kids, Inc. Board Member

Magnet of Hope

 "I have never seen the kids react so strongly to anyone before! You are a magnet of hope for those you come in contact with. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude..."

- Angela Rios, Upper Sioux Community Social Worker 


"Anthony's approach honors the individual's history and future without demeaning for less than positive life choices. Anthony is able to provide education on the topic with passion, commitment and experience. I recommend his training for anyone who is committed to helping gang involved youth."

- Melissa A. Ortiz, Assistant Trainer, New Jersey Program, Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. 

Remarkably Enriching

"Anthony presented a model for working with youth with complex needs that applies even beyond those youth involved with gangs. I personally found it to be remarkably enriching and I have spoken with a number of other staff who have given the training high marks as well."

- Bob Swanson, National Advocate Training Coordinator, Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.

Expansive & Inclusive

"The depth of Anthony's celestial tool box was far more expansive and inclusive than any training I have ever had. I enjoyed being escorted on the longest walk back to my heart, and to think how long it takes to get back to the heart is only 17 inches." 

- Alejandro P, Big Thought 

Know Thyself

"Encouraging! A lecture that you must attend if you are looking to know yourself." 

- Jaime Nieto Jimenez, Service Learning Director, Indianapolis University of Purdue 


"Goulet's written prose is accessible to all and even more authentic is his own devotion to making the world a better place. "

- Akello Stone, Executive Director of Manifest Your Destiny Foundation, Los Angeles, California

Healing Can Be Found

"With presentations such as these I believe that healing and truth can be found for people who are truly seeking it. For those people that feel left out of the loop there is hope because presentations like this."  

-Kelly Kiyoshk, Canadian Aboriginal Awards Nominee for Best Album of the Year